Nickelodeon Star Bryan Hearne Says He Was Called 'Charcoal' While Working

Nickelodeon Star Bryan Hearne Reveals He Faced Racial Insults on Set

Bryan Hearne is opening up about his challenging experiences while working for Nickelodeon, describing it as being akin to enduring a torture chamber. He has also brought to light instances of overt racism he encountered during his tenure with the network.

Hearne, known for his roles on Nickelodeon, including 16 episodes of the sketch show “All That” among others, recently shared his experiences in an interview with Investigation Discovery. The interview is part of the docuseries “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.” Details of his revelations were first shared by People magazine.

In a shocking disclosure, Hearne, who is Black, recounted how an adult referred to him as a “piece of charcoal” while he was working at Nickelodeon. The context of this derogatory comment remains unclear, but it underscores the unacceptable nature of the remark directed at a young teenager.

Furthermore, Hearne discussed being cast in roles that perpetuated racial stereotypes. He mentioned playing a drug dealer and a rapper named Lil Fetus, which required him to wear a flesh-toned leotard, making him appear nearly naked on camera.

Another uncomfortable situation Hearne recalled was being forced to let a dog lick peanut butter off his body for a show segment. These experiences, among others, contributed to his feeling of powerlessness and inability to voice his discomfort to the adults in charge, likening his time at Nickelodeon to being trapped in a torture chamber.

The docuseries “Quiet on Set” has garnered significant attention, partly due to Drake Bell’s revelations about being molested by acting coach Brian Peck while working at Nickelodeon. Bell’s cooperation with the police led to Peck’s confession and subsequent legal consequences, including pleading no contest to charges involving minors.

In the documentary’s trailer, Hearne reflects on Bell’s courage to share his story, highlighting the pervasive issues within the industry once Peck’s actions were brought to light.

“Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” aims to shed light on these dark aspects of the entertainment industry, with its first episodes premiering tonight at 9 PM on Investigation Discovery.