1 Detail About The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Has Us Worried Already

One Concerning Detail About The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Raises Early Worries

The announcement of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2” has sparked excitement and a bit of worry among fans. The new film is confirmed, but there’s a twist that might not sit well with everyone. It appears the sequel might shift focus from Mario to other characters in the expansive universe, stirring up some concerns.

The idea of a spinoff, rather than a direct sequel to the successful 2022 movie, has fans on edge. Many are hoping for a continuation of the story they’ve come to love, rather than a new direction so soon. The characters and their stories are still fresh in the minds of the audience, making the timing of a spinoff somewhat questionable.

The first “Super Mario Bros.” movie, released in 2022, marked a significant moment for the franchise. It was the first big-screen adaptation since the 1993 live-action film, which didn’t fare well. However, the 2022 animated movie was a blockbuster hit, grossing over $1 billion and receiving praise from critics and fans alike. This success sets high expectations for the sequel, but the limited information available has left many wondering about the future direction of the franchise.

On Mario Day in 2024, Nintendo confirmed the development of a second “Mario” movie. Shigeru Miyamoto’s statement about “broadening Mario’s world further” hints at a possible departure from focusing solely on Mario. This suggests the sequel might explore other characters within the “Super Mario” universe. While it’s unlikely Mario will be completely absent, the idea of him not being the main focus is an unexpected strategy.

This approach raises concerns about the franchise’s direction. The first movie offered a fresh take on Mario’s origin story, setting the stage for potential direct sequels. Diverging from this narrative to explore other parts of the “Mario” canon could disrupt the storytelling flow established by the first film.

Despite the “Super Mario” franchise being a household name, the 2022 movie introduced many viewers to these characters and their world for the first time. Shifting to a spinoff movie could risk losing the interest of these new fans and jeopardize the potential of a burgeoning movie franchise.

Chris Pratt’s Mario and Charlie Day’s Luigi brought new life to these iconic characters. They need more time to be established in their roles before the franchise can consider branching out. While Nintendo and Illumination are capable of creating a compelling spinoff, the main storyline should be further developed first.

Fans are likely more interested in seeing the continuation of the story from the first “Super Mario Bros.” movie. If a spinoff is indeed the next step, it must be carefully tied to the events of the 2023 film to maintain audience interest.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2” is slated for release in the US on April 3, 2026, with the first movie available on Netflix. As the sequel’s details unfold, fans eagerly await to see how the beloved characters will return to the big screen.