Patrick Warburton Makes Surprise Appearance At Disney Park On Soarin' Over California Attraction

Patrick Warburton Surprises Fans with Unexpected Appearance at Disney’s Soarin’ Over California Ride

At Disney California Adventure Park, a lucky group of visitors experienced a delightful surprise when actor Patrick Warburton greeted them just as they were about to hop on the Soarin’ Over California ride.

Since its debut in 2001, Warburton has been an integral part of the ride, offering “important safety tips” to guests in line before they embark on their aerial journey across California’s stunning landscapes.

During the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, which lasts until April 22, Warburton reprised his role in person as the chief flight attendant for the Soarin’ Over California attraction’s temporary comeback.

This time, instead of watching safety instructions on a screen, guests received them directly from Warburton. He personally conducted the final safety briefing, surprising guests before they soared over breathtaking Californian sites like Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego harbor, Malibu at dusk, and the vibrant lights of downtown Los Angeles, culminating in a victorious flyover of Disneyland park.

Warburton expressed his joy, stating, “It’s just magical to see the enduring love for Soarin’ Over California after all these years.” He reminisced about his first Disneyland visit at five years old and his ongoing passion for Disney, highlighting the privilege of being part of a Disney attraction that has remained beloved for so long.

He added, “Surprising guests today was incredibly fun, and it’s amazing to witness the lasting impact of this safety introduction over the past 23 years. People still adore it. It was an absolute joy to serve as the Chief Flight Attendant for Soarin’ Over California once more!”

For the remainder of the year, the ride transforms into Soarin’ Around the World, showcasing global destinations like Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Egypt, India, Paris, and more. The attraction is also featured in other Disney theme parks, including Epcot in Florida, Shanghai Disneyland Park as Soaring Over the Horizon, and Tokyo Disney Sea as Soaring: Fantastic Flight.

Catch a glimpse of Warburton’s surprise visit to the guests at Disney California Adventure in the video.