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Quiet on Set No More: Directors Break Silence on Dan Schneider and Push for Transparency in Drake Bell Case Unsealing

For the first time, the troubling atmosphere at Nickelodeon during the late ’90s and early 2000s is being brought to light in the documentary series “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” on ID. Directors Mary Robertson and Emma Schwartz spent years encouraging people to share their experiences of abuse, sexism, racism, and inappropriate behavior on set, many of which occurred under the watch of Dan Schneider.

Jason Sarlanis, President of Tuner Networks, ID & HLN, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. He highlighted the dedication of the filmmaking team and Business Insider journalists in uncovering critical survivor stories that had been hidden for too long.

The four-part documentary features interviews with cast members and crew who worked closely with Schneider. It delves into the questionable behaviors tolerated on children’s TV show sets, including claims from female writers about being paid less than their male counterparts.

Variety reached out to Schneider for comments on the allegations. His representative clarified that Schneider was not responsible for setting writers’ salaries on “The Amanda Show,” as it was produced by a different company and salaries were determined by the network and the Writers Guild of America.

The documentary also includes allegations of Schneider asking for neck massages on set. His representative admitted this was inappropriate and assured it would not happen again.

Drake Bell revealed for the first time during the documentary that he was the victim in Brian Peck’s child abuse case. Peck, who worked under Schneider, was convicted of child sexual abuse in 2003.

Nickelodeon responded to the allegations made in “Quiet on Set,” emphasizing their commitment to the well-being and safety of all children and employees.

Directors Robertson and Schwartz shared insights into the making of the documentary, including their efforts to bring forward new sources who had never spoken publicly before. They also discussed the challenges of engaging with Dan Schneider and the process of getting Drake Bell to share his story.

The documentary raises questions about the protection of children on set today. While some measures have been implemented, the directors believe there is still work to be done to ensure the safety of young actors.

“Quiet on Set” aims to shed light on the power dynamics and challenges faced by children in the entertainment industry. The directors hope it will encourage more people to come forward with their stories, contributing to a broader conversation about safety and accountability in children’s television.