Ray Parker Jr., Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson perform 'Ghostbusters' theme

Ray Parker Jr., Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson Reunite for Electrifying ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Performance

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots had a clear idea of who to reach out to for their amusing take on the Ghostbusters theme song.

The host of The Tonight Show and his band joined forces with singer Ray Parker Jr., alongside the original Ghostbusters, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson, for a special performance. This took place during the Friday episode. They played the 1984 classic using only small classroom instruments. Moreover, they were all dressed in custom jumpsuits, performing in a room covered with neon green ectoplasm.

The performance began in complete darkness, with only alarm lights flashing. As the song started, the lights came on, revealing Fallon with a kazoo and a woodblock, Parker with a triangle, Murray also with a kazoo, and Hudson with a cowbell. The Roots added to the mix with a xylophone, bongos, melodica, ukulele, tambourine, and more.

While Parker took the lead on most of the theme, the group joined in for iconic lines like “Bustin’ makes me feel good!” and the call-and-response chorus of “Ghostbusters!”

At the performance’s conclusion, everyone’s beloved ghost, Slimer, made a brief appearance. He showed up behind the band and charged towards the screen, splattering it with bright green ectoplasm.

Ray Parker Jr., Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots delivered a memorable rendition of the Ghostbusters theme song on The Tonight Show.

Murray and Hudson are gearing up to wear their Ghostbusters jumpsuits once more in the upcoming movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. This sequel to 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife sees the original team joining forces with the new members. The cast includes Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, and Paul Rudd. Together, they confront a deadly spirit aiming to push the world into a second ice age.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is set to premiere in theaters on March 22. You can watch the new performance of the Ghostbusters theme song mentioned above.

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