Reba McEntire accused of calling Taylor Swift an 'entitled brat'

Reba McEntire Allegedly Labels Taylor Swift as ‘Entitled Brat’

She insists there’s absolutely no tension between them.

Reba McEntire has cleared the air, stating she never called Taylor Swift an “entitled brat” following Swift’s rendition of the National Anthem at the 2024 Super Bowl.

“Please don’t believe everything you read online,” McEntire, aged 68, expressed in an Instagram post on Saturday. “These words were never spoken by me. Taylor is an incredible talent, an inspiring figure, and has contributed positively to many lives and the music scene.”

Country legend Reba McEntire took to Instagram to dismiss rumors that she was upset with Taylor Swift during the 2024 Super Bowl.

“Don’t trust everything on the internet,” McEntire, who performed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” advised.

McEntire responded to a claim made by a Facebook group named America Loves Liberty, which suggested McEntire was “disappointed” by Swift’s behavior during her performance.

The group alleged, “Reba McEntire expressed her disappointment when she saw Taylor Swift laughing, drinking, and seemingly disrespecting the event on the big screen while she performed The National Anthem. McEntire supposedly confronted her, calling her an ‘entitled little brat.'”

In reality, Swift was seen in a joyful mood during the game. She was observed standing next to her best friend Blake Lively, hand over heart, while McEntire sang.

Swift was there to support her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who led his team to a 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

A Facebook post by America Loves Liberty falsely claimed McEntire was “disappointed” with Swift’s actions during her performance.

Despite the allegations, numerous photos from the event depict Swift standing respectfully next to Blake Lively, hand over her heart.

“It’s astonishing how many people will believe a meme without question,” one Facebook user remarked concerning the false allegation.

“They got your name wrong as McIntire. A fabricated story and a careless proofreader,” another person laughed on Instagram.

“The moment I heard this ridiculous story, I knew it was false,” a third supporter declared. “@reba exemplifies class in the industry; she would never behave in such a manner. Some people really need to find better things to do.”

The globally renowned singer was present to support Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

In an earlier interview, McEntire humorously mentioned she was envious of Swift’s relationship with the tight end.

The controversial group later addressed the reactions to their post.

“Wow. Reba McEntire herself addressed our fabricated story,” they commented on Sunday, admitting the post was meant as satire. “Thank you, Ma’am. We admire your work. The article and its headline were intentionally absurd.”

“Our intention was never for it to be taken seriously,” they added. “Our followers have been supportive of you long before this post.”

McEntire has always spoken highly of Swift. Even before the significant game, she playfully commented on Swift’s relationship in an interview with Today.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so jealous of her because I was crushing on him,” McEntire joked. “Now I can’t have a crush on him anymore since he’s with her.”

Despite the playful banter, McEntire is happily involved in her own relationship with longtime partner Rex Linn.