Reba McEntire denies calling Taylor Swift an 'entitled little brat'

Reba McEntire Clarifies She Never Labeled Taylor Swift an ‘Entitled Little Brat’

There’s talk going around that there’s a bit of tension between Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift. However, it turns out this is just gossip.

On a Saturday, McEntire took to Instagram to clear the air about a claim circulating on social media. This claim suggested she had called Swift “an entitled little brat” due to her actions during McEntire’s Super Bowl performance in 2024.

“Don’t trust everything you read online,” the 68-year-old country music legend advised her followers. She confirmed, “Those words were never mine.”

The controversy started with a post that accused Swift of laughing and enjoying drinks while McEntire sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl on February 11. The event concluded with Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, leading his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, to a win.

A post even went as far as to say McEntire confronted Swift about her behavior, albeit with a misspelling of McEntire’s name.

However, McEntire made it clear on Instagram that the story was fabricated.

She praised Taylor Swift as an “amazing artist, a strong role model, and a benefactor to many in the music industry and beyond.”

Since its posting on Wednesday, the controversial post by America Loves Liberty has attracted over 3,300 shares and 1,600 comments, many of which are critical of Swift. The person managing the account later added a comment saying, “Wow. Reba McEntire herself addressed our made-up story.”

They continued, “Thank you, Ma’am. We’re fans of your work. The article and its headline were meant to be taken lightly. It was never intended to be taken seriously. Your fans have always supported you, even before this post.”

The takeaway here is simple, as McEntire suggests: don’t believe everything you read online.

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