Reba McEntire addresses claim she called Taylor Swift a 'spoiled brat' after alleged Super Bowl diss

Reba McEntire Clears the Air on Alleged ‘Spoiled Brat’ Comment About Taylor Swift Following Super Bowl Incident

Reba McEntire has made it clear she never called Taylor Swift a “spoiled brat.”

The celebrated singer from “Little Rock” went on Instagram last Saturday. She shared a post from the America Loves Liberty Facebook group. This post wrongly claimed she was “disappointed” with Swift’s behavior during her 2024 Super Bowl national anthem performance.

“Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet,” McEntire, who sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the event, advised. “These words were never mine. Taylor is an incredible talent, an inspiring figure, and has contributed immensely to music and many people’s lives.”

McEntire was setting the record straight on Instagram Saturday. A Facebook group had spread false rumors about her being “disappointed” with Swift’s Super Bowl behavior.

“Don’t believe everything on the Internet,” she reiterated.

McEntire responded to the slanderous post from the group. It falsely claimed, “While performing The National Anthem, Reba McIntire [sic] was disappointed to see Taylor Swift laughing, drinking, and disrespecting the event on the big screen.”

The group falsely quoted her saying, “I let her have it afterward. She’s an entitled little brat.”

However, Super Bowl photos showed Swift respectfully placing her hand over her heart during the anthem. She was in a VIP suite with Blake Lively.

“I never said those words. Taylor is a wonderful artist, a strong role model, and has greatly benefited many people and the music industry,” McEntire added.

Her message was a direct response to the misleading post on the America Loves Liberty Facebook page.

Many fans quickly supported McEntire, debunking the fake story.

“One person joked, “They spelled your name McIntire. So, a made-up story AND a lazy proofreader!”

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“SET EM STRAIGHT, RED👏👏👏,” another supporter encouraged.

“Reba would never,” another fan insisted.

The false post claimed, “Reba McIntire [sic] was disappointed to see Taylor Swift laughing and drinking during The National Anthem.”

Yet, Super Bowl images captured Swift respectfully holding her hand over her heart for the anthem.

Previously, McEntire, 68, has shown nothing but love for Swift, 34. She expressed hope for the 14-time Grammy winner to attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, NV. This was despite Swift’s tight schedule with her Eras Tour in Japan, as reported by

Swift made the over 10-hour flight to support her partner, Travis Kelce, as his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, faced the San Francisco 49ers.

McEntire has even commented on Swift and Kelce’s romance, revealing a playful jealousy towards Swift.

Swift was there to support Kelce at the big game.

Just a day earlier, she had been performing in Japan for her Eras Tour.

“Oh, my gosh, I am so mad at her because I had a crush on him,” McEntire jokingly told “Now I can’t have a crush anymore because he’s dating her.”

However, McEntire clarified she meant no harm, as she is in a long-term relationship with Rex Linn.