The Ones Who Live’ Recap, Episode 4

Recap: Unveiling the Twists and Turns in ‘The Ones Who Live’, Episode 4

In “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” Rick and Michonne are caught in a gripping struggle to save one another. Rick is on a mission to rescue Michonne from the dangerous grips of the Civic Republic Military (CRM), fearing the harm they could inflict on her. Meanwhile, Michonne is equally determined to save Rick from the aftermath of his encounters with the CRM. Their journey is fraught with lies and deceit, leading Michonne to declare they need a break. This pause in their tumultuous journey marks one of the most memorable episodes in the entire series of “The Walking Dead.”

The episode titled “What We” kicks off with Michonne’s daring move from the previous episode, where she and Rick leap from a CRM helicopter into a thunderstorm, all while Tony Orlando’s “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” plays in the background. This dramatic beginning leads them to a modern, deserted apartment building where they find shelter for the duration of the episode.

This episode plays with its structure, presenting a series of debates between Rick and Michonne across different settings within the apartment – the living room, the gym, and the bedroom – interspersed with zombie encounters. The episode feels like a two-person play, a nod to the episode’s writer, Danai Gurira (who plays Michonne), known for her acclaimed work in theater. Despite the unusual setting for a debate, the repetitive nature of their arguments doesn’t bore; it reflects the realistic and painful ways loved ones argue.

Upon finding refuge in a luxurious apartment, Rick and Michonne encounter modern conveniences that seem out of place in a post-apocalyptic world. Despite the lack of food, they learn the apartment belonged to a community that attempted to be self-sustainable but ultimately failed.

Michonne changes into clean clothes, prompting Rick to confront both the physical and emotional scars they’ve both accumulated over the years. The tension between them escalates as they discuss their son and the threats from Jadis and the CRM, revealing the depth of their struggles and the complexity of their relationship.

As they plan their next move, Rick and Michonne realize the CRM might believe they perished in the helicopter crash, offering them a chance to escape. However, Rick’s reluctance to leave stems from a deeper conflict within him, leading to a poignant moment where Michonne walks out, prompting Rick to follow, signifying their unbreakable bond.

Their escape is complicated by a second CRM helicopter, which destroys the first, highlighting the CRM’s extreme measures to erase evidence. This event forces Rick and Michonne to confront their differences and work together, despite their bickering and the physical challenges they face, including a dramatic moment where a chandelier traps Michonne.

The episode culminates in a heartfelt reunion between Rick and Michonne, where their love and commitment to each other are reaffirmed through intimate moments and deep conversations. They discuss their son, RJ, and the impact of their experiences on their relationship, leading to a decision to return home together.

As they prepare to leave, Rick and Michonne’s connection deepens, symbolized by Rick’s change into civilian clothes and their synchronized actions. Their journey is a testament to their resilience and the power of love to overcome adversity.

The episode ends on a hopeful note, with Rick and Michonne finding a sustainable way to travel across the country, inspired by their love and determination to make the world their own. This episode not only showcases their journey but also challenges the notion that romance and strong female characters are mutually exclusive in genre storytelling.

In summary, “What We” is a powerful episode that explores the depths of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, their struggles, and their unyielding love for each other, making it a standout moment in “The Walking Dead” series.