I Can't Believe I Didn't Think Of This Halo Kwan Ha Theory Before

Revolutionary Halo Kwan Ha Theory: Why Didn’t We Think of This Sooner?

**Beware! This article reveals key details about Halo Season 2, Episode 7, “Thermopylae.”**

**Quick Overview**

– Kwan Ha’s deep ties to the Forerunners and her mystical visions are crucial in Halo’s latest episode.
– Dr. Halsey’s groundbreaking find connects Spartan selection to Forerunner DNA discovered in an ancient archive.
– A theory now suggests Kwan Ha might be a Blessed One/Reclaimer like John-117 and Makee, hinting at her unique skills and Forerunner connections.

The second season of Halo brings Kwan Ha into the spotlight, revealing intriguing clues about the Forerunners, the original Halo ring, and Kwan Ha’s significant role in the unfolding Halo narrative.

Set apart in its “Silver Timeline,” Halo Season 2 delves into its unique take on the Fall of Reach and its aftermath, with humanity and the Covenant in a race to control the first Halo ring, crafted by the ancient Forerunners. This season has unveiled new secrets about the Forerunners and hinted at Kwan Ha’s significant role, leading to an almost obvious theory about her.

**Halo’s Kwan Ha and Her Forerunner Connections**

**Visions and Future Warnings**

Kwan Ha’s journey from Halo Season 1 to Season 2 reveals her strong connection to the Forerunners, often referred to as a “Protector.” Throughout Season 2, Kwan Ha experiences visions from The Mother, a shaman from the world of Sanctuary, guiding her to an ancient Forerunner library on Onyx. This connection between Kwan Ha and Dr. Katherine Halsey’s stories becomes pivotal in Season 2.

Meeting with Miranda, Halsey’s daughter, who continues her mother’s UNSC work, it’s revealed that this library was the foundation of Catherine’s research, including the Spartan program. Kwan’s visions and the ability to interact with Forerunner technology become key in Episode 7.

**Dr. Halsey’s Forerunner DNA Discovery and the Spartans**

Spartans were chosen based on their match to Forerunner DNA, discovered by Dr. Halsey in an ancient library. This discovery led to the selection of children who were transformed into humanity’s greatest defenders. Halsey’s belief that Spartans were crucial to understanding the Forerunners’ history and their connection to humanity is evident.

This explains why John-117 is known as a “Blessed One,” capable of interacting with Forerunner technology, a trait shared with the Covenant’s human servant Makee and potentially other Spartans, given Halsey’s genetic criteria for the Spartan-IIs.

**Halo Season 2 Theory: Kwan Ha as a Reclaimer**

**Does She Share Traits with John-117?**

Given Kwan Ha’s visions and her ability to use Forerunner technology, it’s plausible she shares genetic traits with John-117. This not only suggests she could have been one of Dr. Halsey’s Spartans but also confirms her status as a Blessed One/Reclaimer in the Halo series.

In the Halo canon, humans were marked by the Forerunners with a “geas” or “genesong,” making them “Reclaimers.” While not all humans possess this gene in the series, “Blessed One” seems to be the Covenant’s term for “Reclaimer.” Thus, Kwan Ha is likely a Blessed One/Reclaimer, akin to John-117 and Makee.

**Kwan Ha as a Blessed One Makes Sense**

Her abilities and visions, hinting at a deeper connection to the Forerunners, suggest Kwan Ha could be carrying Forerunner memories in her genes. This innate knowledge allows her to use Forerunner technology instinctively, as seen when she accessed a Forerunner lab and a hidden city on Onyx.

Kwan Ha, like Master Chief John-117 and Makee, is a Blessed One with potentially even greater abilities linked to the Forerunners’ legacy.

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