Rick & Michonne Find Trouble Escaping

Rick and Michonne Encounter Unexpected Challenges While Attempting to Escape

Heads up: Spoilers are coming for episode 4 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live!

Let’s dive into what’s next. The episode 5 trailer of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live just dropped. It’s packed with scenes of Rick and Michonne finding a new safe spot in a cabin. But, it’s not all smooth sailing. They face tough zombies and meet some mysterious folks.

Back in episode 4, Rick and Michonne pulled a fast one. They used a helicopter crash to make everyone believe they were gone for good, slipping away from the CRM’s grasp.

The trailer also reveals a tense moment on the road. Michonne admits they can’t return home after a narrow escape. It seems their journey is taking a new turn.

The latest trailer for episode 5 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is out now. It teases Rick and Michonne’s daring escape from the CRM. Episode 4 showed Michonne breaking through Rick’s fears. She convinced him it was time to head back to Alexandria. They found a car at an abandoned hotel and made their escape. The CRM probably thinks they’re dead, thanks to the helicopter crash.

The trailer shows Rick and Michonne taking shelter in a cabin, facing off against relentless zombies and unknown survivors. After a close call on the road, Michonne feels they can’t return home.

In episode 4, Rick and Michonne found the perfect chance to escape the CRM. They jumped from a helicopter before it crashed into a building. The CRM destroyed the wreckage, leaving no trace. It seemed like Rick and Michonne had made a clean break.

But, the CRM is not to be underestimated. They might figure out how many people were really on that helicopter. Jadis, suspecting Rick and Michonne’s survival skills, might take matters into her own hands. The trailer hints at Rick and Michonne encountering two survivors with possible ties to the CRM.

Rick and Michonne are determined to keep the CRM away from Alexandria, to protect their loved ones. Episode 5 might push them to confront the CRM directly. With mysteries still unsolved, The Ones Who Live could be gearing up for a major twist. With only two episodes left, it’s uncertain if they’ll make it home or face a different fate.

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Source: The Walking Dead (via WotNot)