Ryan Phillippe was ‘craving’ relationship with God after being in ‘darker place’: 'A lot of time in prayer'

Ryan Phillippe Finds Solace in Spirituality After Navigating Through Dark Times: Embraces Prayer and Connection with God

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Ryan Phillippe recently shared insights into his spiritual awakening, sparked by his role in the action-packed thriller “Prey.” In the movie, he portrays a Christian missionary facing a life-threatening crisis that challenges his faith. Raised in a religious family, Phillippe emphasizes the growing significance of his faith in his life.

In an interview, Phillippe revealed his deep connection to spirituality, highlighting the importance of spreading positivity and love to combat the darkness in the world. He finds fulfillment in prayer and studying spiritual matters, considering it a crucial aspect of his life. His journey into deeper faith began after wrapping up the filming of “Prey,” leading him to re-engage with religious texts and explore spirituality.

Phillippe’s quest for a meaningful relationship with God has brought him peace and helped him overcome depression and addiction. “Prey,” directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil, features Phillippe and Mena Suvari as a couple fighting for survival after a plane crash in a wildlife reserve. The film’s simple yet gripping concept intrigued Phillippe, especially the spiritual dilemmas faced by his character.

Phillippe also discussed his co-parenting relationship with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, praising their ability to prioritize their children and maintain a friendship. Their children, Ava and Deacon, are pursuing their interests, with Ava exploring modeling and Deacon studying music at New York University.

Reflecting on his career, Phillippe appreciates the opportunities to work on meaningful projects, including “Cruel Intentions,” which celebrates its 25th anniversary. He cherishes the experiences and collaborations throughout his career, feeling fortunate despite any perceptions of his success.

“Cruel Intentions” remains a beloved film, and Phillippe is proud of its enduring appeal. He continues to find excitement in acting, grateful for the roles that have allowed him to honor his grandfathers and work with esteemed directors. “Prey” is now available in theaters and on demand, showcasing Phillippe’s latest venture into challenging and thought-provoking storytelling.