Twirling, dipping, stomping at The Farm: Non-alcoholic swing dance club in Garden City attracts big crowds

Swing Dance Fever Hits Garden City: The Farm’s Non-Alcoholic Club Draws Huge Crowds with Twirls, Dips, and Stomps

The Farm welcomes everyone, cowboy boots or not.

In Garden City, Idaho, The Farm transforms into a lively scene every Friday night. The dance floor, lit by small bulbs and decorated with cardboard candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, sees a mix of people. Some are seasoned dancers in cowboy attire, while others simply come to enjoy the vibe, proving that The Farm is a place for all.

Elise Lorcher and Troy DeRosier, inspired by their love for country swing, established The Farm in Garden City. They previously founded Dirt Road Dancing, and now boast the largest dance floor in the Treasure Valley. The venue is open to all ages, attracting a youthful crowd eager to dance.

DeRosier shares that creating The Farm was a labor of love, involving much personal effort. It was their way of providing a needed space for the community.

The duo began their journey in 2009, with Lorcher introducing DeRosier to country swing. They started teaching at Indian Creek Steakhouse, quickly becoming a hit among young dancers. When the venue changed, the dancers took to the streets, showing their dedication to the craft.

October 2023 saw the opening of their alcohol-free club, fulfilling a dream for DeRosier and Lorcher. DeRosier finds joy in watching the young crowd enjoy a safe space to dance and socialize.

Among the regulars is 14-year-old Markus Enzminter, who loves the fast-paced nature of country swing. He and his friend, 17-year-old Tabitha Tittensor, appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and the chance to step out of their comfort zones.

DeRosier believes in the power of dance to connect people, a sentiment echoed by Lorcher, who sees it as a remedy to today’s digital-heavy isolation. Dancing forces people to engage in the moment, fostering genuine connections.

The Farm is not just about traditional country music; it embraces a mix of genres, including hip-hop and pop, making the dance floor a place for everyone. Located at 5137 N. Glenwood St. in Garden City, The Farm offers lessons and social dancing, with tickets available on their website.

Kailyn and Matthew Brewer, fans of country swing, found a community at The Farm. They cherish the energy and the learning opportunities it provides. For them, dancing is about enjoyment and self-expression, a sentiment shared by many who visit The Farm.

Dancing also serves as a form of nonverbal communication, enhancing relationship skills, as noted by Matthew Brewer. For him and his wife, it’s an integral part of their lives and relationship.

Thomas Stewart and Karalee Greeley, another couple, frequent The Farm to hone their dancing skills for their upcoming wedding. The alcohol-free environment makes it a perfect place for them to be themselves and enjoy dancing.

The Farm is more than a dance hall; it’s a community where people can connect, learn, and enjoy life together. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, The Farm offers a welcoming space to explore the joy of dance.