The Walking Dead Shockingly Removes The Rick Grimes Character Trait That Defined Him For 9 Seasons

The Walking Dead Unexpectedly Eliminates Rick Grimes’ Signature Trait After 9 Seasons

**Alert: This article reveals key plot points from episodes 1-4 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.**


– Rick’s experiences with the CRM have deeply altered him, leading to an unexpected disinterest in his son RJ.
– The CRM has shattered Rick more profoundly than any antagonist before, with Major General Beale emerging as a formidable foe.
– Rick’s estrangement from his family in The Ones Who Live is a survival tactic developed during his time with the CRM.

Over nine seasons, Rick Grimes became a beloved TV character. However, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live introduced a significant shift. The CRM, portrayed as the most dominant force yet in The Walking Dead universe, has profoundly impacted Rick. Since Jadis brought Rick to the CRM, he has been trapped, unable to escape. Nearly nine years have passed since the bridge incident, and the CRM’s influence has gradually reshaped Rick’s personality.

Despite the Civic Republic providing Rick with shelter, food, and essentials for survival, he feels imprisoned. Separated from his family and forbidden to leave, Rick even resorts to self-mutilation in a bid for freedom. This ordeal has mentally scarred him, as depicted in episode 4. His interaction with Michonne is notably distant, and a particular line underscores the extent of his transformation, with one of his core characteristics seemingly erased in The Ones Who Live.

**Rick’s Reaction to RJ is Astonishing**

When Michonne finally reveals RJ to Rick, his reaction is startling. Before this revelation in episode 4, Rick and Michonne had limited private conversations, leaving much unsaid. Despite the chance to share the news earlier, Michonne postpones, opting for a more suitable moment. When she does tell him about RJ, Rick’s response lacks enthusiasm. Michonne hints at their children, not just their daughter, but Rick’s reaction is muted.

He quickly shifts the conversation back to the CRM and the futility of escape, leaving Michonne stunned. Rick’s commitment to fatherhood has been a defining aspect of his character throughout The Walking Dead. His dedication to his children’s safety and his respect for his son’s last wish to end the conflict with Negan highlight his values. Thus, his indifference upon learning he has a son is both shocking and indicative of the CRM’s profound impact on him.

**The CRM’s Devastating Effect on Rick**

Rick’s changed demeanor towards his son underscores the extent of the CRM’s influence. The CRM has mentally dominated Rick more than any villain in The Walking Dead. While Negan and the Saviors temporarily subdued Rick through psychological warfare and threats to his family, Rick’s lowest point comes during his tenure with the Civic Republic. Major General Beale, in particular, has proven to be an exceptionally menacing adversary.

Beale’s control over the CRM, masked by a facade of amiability, has even secured Rick’s compliance. Rick’s fear of Beale and the CRM surpasses his dread of the Saviors, emphasizing their power. Rick’s desperation to leave, evident in flashbacks, suggests he would have seized any opportunity to reunite with Michonne and meet RJ, if not for the CRM’s hold. Rick’s emotional admission at the episode’s conclusion reveals the depth of the CRM’s impact.

**The True Reason Rick Avoided RJ’s Topic in The Ones Who Live**

Rick’s reluctance to engage with the topic of RJ in The Ones Who Live stems from his survival strategy within the CRM. Opening up to Michonne, Rick confesses feeling as though he had already perished, surviving only by believing his family was content and safe. As long as Michonne and Judith were well, Rick managed to persevere. He admits to losing the ability to dream about Carl, indicating that detaching from his loved ones served as a coping mechanism, helping him suppress his emotions.

Acknowledging his inability to reunite with his family, yet believing in their well-being, became Rick’s primary method of survival. Michonne’s return and the revelation about RJ only serve to distance Rick further, as he believes staying with the CRM is necessary to protect Michonne and his family. Michonne’s involvement with the CRM endangers her and leaves her children vulnerable, presenting Rick with a difficult choice. RJ symbolizes the harsh reality that Rick cannot fully protect his family, possibly motivating his eventual attempt to flee with Michonne in The Ones Who Live.

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