Suspected cross-country killer captured in New Mexico 

Alleged Nationwide Murderer Apprehended in New Mexico

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A two-day manhunt across the country concluded with a shootout involving the police, leading to the arrest of 33-year-old Jaremy Smith. Authorities believe Smith is responsible for the deaths of a New Mexico State Police officer and a South Carolina paramedic. NBC News’ Priya Sridhar provides further details on this incident, dated March 17, 2024.

Russian President Putin is expected to secure re-election, amidst protests by dissidents at polling stations.

In an act of kindness, college students surprised their dormitory’s security guard with a trip to reunite with his family after more than ten years.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland prompted evacuations and posed a threat to the famous Blue Lagoon.

The term ‘double haters’ is being used to describe a group of voters who might play a crucial role in deciding the outcome of the presidential election.

For the second consecutive day, a county in Pennsylvania was locked down due to the presence of armed suspects.

Currently playing is the news of a suspected killer who carried out crimes across the country being apprehended in New Mexico.

Next up, the resignation of a special prosecutor could potentially delay Trump’s trial in Georgia further.

Data reveals a disparity in who has access to weight loss medications.

A decision has been made not to charge an individual involved in a shooting incident on a NYC subway.

A cockpit mishap is under investigation as the possible cause of a plane’s sudden descent.

Tornadoes affecting nine states have resulted in at least three fatalities.

The resignation of a special prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia election case has been announced.

A relief ship has finally made its way to Gaza, bringing much-needed aid.

A proposed settlement might end the standard 6% commission fees charged by realtors.

James Crumbley has been found guilty on all counts related to his son’s school shooting spree.

A judge has denied Trump’s request to dismiss charges in the federal documents case.

Severe weather conditions have led to tornadoes, hail, and heavy snowfall.

Concerns are growing over a measles outbreak in Chicago.

The latest SpaceX launch has been deemed successful, introducing a new class of astronauts.

The U.S. and Japan have conducted joint military exercises amid rising tensions with China.