Apple in talks to license Google's Gemini for generative AI: Bloomberg

Apple Nears Agreement to Utilize Google’s Gemini Technology for Advancements in Generative AI, Reports Bloomberg

In Paris, on April 20, 2018, an interesting image was captured. It showed the icons of major tech giants – Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, also known as GAFA, with a reflection of binary code on a tablet screen. This photo, taken by Lionel Bonaventure, highlights the digital era we live in.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, saw its shares increase by 3% in early premarket trading on Monday. This surge came after news broke that Apple might be planning to integrate Google’s Gemini, a suite of generative AI tools, into future iPhones. These tools range from chatbots to coding assistants, showcasing the potential for advanced AI features in consumer technology.

A report from Bloomberg revealed that Apple is currently in discussions with Alphabet to license the Gemini AI engine. This collaboration could allow Apple to incorporate Gemini’s capabilities into the iPhone, enhancing the device with new, AI-driven features. The talks are ongoing, and the aim is to introduce these features in the iPhone software update later this year.

As a result of this news, Alphabet’s Class A shares saw a nearly 3% increase in premarket trading, while its Class C shares went up by over 3%. Apple’s shares also experienced a slight uptick, trading around 0.53% higher.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18, its latest operating system for the iPhone, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June. This update could potentially include the new AI features powered by Gemini.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that Apple has also engaged in discussions with OpenAI, considering the integration of its models into Apple’s ecosystem. However, the specifics of any AI agreement between Apple and other parties, including the terms, branding, and implementation, have yet to be finalized.

This information comes from sources familiar with the matter, and neither Apple nor Google has made an official comment regarding these discussions. The details of these negotiations remain under wraps, leaving the tech community eagerly awaiting confirmation and further details.

This report was contributed to by CNBC’s Katrina Bishop, adding valuable insights into the ongoing developments between Apple and Google in the realm of artificial intelligence.