Crowd at Delaware County restaurant goes wild for Kylie Kelce's Irish dancing

Delaware County Restaurant Crowd Enthralled by Kylie Kelce’s Electrifying Irish Dance Performance

In Media, Pennsylvania, a delightful surprise unfolded as Jason Kelce, renowned for his viral dance at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration, revealed that his wife, Kylie, also has some impressive moves. Kylie’s dance, however, carried a unique Irish essence. To mark St. Patrick’s Day, the couple made their way to the Towne House in Media. Over the weekend, this Delaware County restaurant shared several photos, expressing their gratitude to Jason Kelce and his family. They highlighted Kylie’s exceptional Irish dancing skills, adding a special touch to the celebration. “Sláinte and thanks to legendary EAGLE Jason Kelce and family (his wife is a helluva Irish dancer by the way) for joining us for a few scoops of the black stuff and a few ST. KELCE’S on this day where we all celebrate the wearing of the green!!! He was so generous and hospitable with his time for all the adoring fans in attendance,” the restaurant posted.

The shared photos included many of Jason posing with fans and enjoying pints of Guinness. Additionally, there was a clip of Kylie engaging in a lively Irish dance in front of an enthusiastic St. Patrick’s Day crowd. Initially hesitant, Kylie quickly became the center of attention as she danced alongside performers from the McHugh School of Irish Dance, making the night unforgettable for everyone. The dance school shared their appreciation on Facebook, “You made this the best night ever for all of our dancers.”

Kylie’s performance not only wowed those in attendance but also earned her widespread acclaim online. On Barstool Philly’s Instagram page, where the clip was shared, viewers couldn’t help but praise her. Comments ranged from calling for the Kelce family to be named the Royal Family of Philly to declaring Kylie a “national treasure” and dubbing her the “Duchess of Delco.”

Alexandra Simon, a digital content producer at CBS Philadelphia, shared this heartwarming story. Starting her career at CBS21 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and later joining KARE 11 News in Minneapolis, Alexandra has covered a wide range of stories, from breaking news to features, often braving the cold weather to bring stories to life.