Democracy is on the line when Trump says Jan. 6 rioting is normal political behavior

Democracy at Risk: Trump’s Portrayal of Jan. 6 Riot as Normal Politics Raises Alarms

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The video segment currently playing delves into the critical issue of democracy’s stability in the face of statements by former President Trump regarding the Jan. 6 rioting. The discussion spans over 10 minutes, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Up next, a segment featuring Rev. Al sharply criticizes Trump’s comments on immigrants, labeling them as deeply offensive and beyond mere political discourse. This 8-minute video aims to shed light on the impact of such rhetoric.

Another upcoming video highlights a surprising statement from Putin about agreeing to a prisoner swap involving Alexei Navalny, which is discussed over a 9-minute segment.

The conversation then shifts to the importance of addressing Trump’s radicalism through democratic means, as emphasized in a 9-minute segment. This discussion underscores the need for action at the ballot box.

Financial expert Suze Orman shares insights on common financial mistakes made by women and explains her personal choice to avoid buying coffee. This 7-minute segment offers practical advice and personal anecdotes.

In a shorter, 3-minute video, Andrew Weissmann suggests that the District Attorney should consider stepping aside voluntarily, highlighting the importance of impartiality in legal proceedings.

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