Dr. Dre says he had 3 strokes after 2021 brain aneurysm

Dr. Dre Reveals He Suffered Three Strokes Following His 2021 Brain Aneurysm

In January 2021, the world of hip-hop held its breath as Dr. Dre, a towering figure in the music industry, was hospitalized due to a brain aneurysm. This incident shook fans and peers alike, highlighting the vulnerability of even the most iconic figures.

Dr. Dre, hailing from Compton, shared his harrowing experience during an appearance on the “This Life of Mine with James Corden” podcast on SiriusXM. He opened up about the fear and uncertainty that enveloped him as he lay in Cedars Sinai hospital.

“I had three strokes,” Dre confessed to Corden, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. This revelation underscored the severity of his condition during those critical weeks.

Reflecting on the day the aneurysm struck, Dre recounted how he initially dismissed the severity of his symptoms. “I got up and went about my day, thinking a nap would help,” he said. It was a friend of his son who insisted on taking him to the hospital, a decision that likely saved his life.

Upon reaching urgent care, Dre was informed he was experiencing a grave medical event. His condition was so severe that he lost consciousness multiple times and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for two weeks. “Doctors kept telling me how lucky I was,” Dre shared with Corden.

The incident was a wake-up call for Dre, who prides himself on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He was taken aback to learn he had high blood pressure, a condition often referred to as the “silent killer,” especially prevalent among Black men. “You just have no idea,” Dre remarked, highlighting the insidious nature of the condition.

Despite the ordeal, Dre admits that the experience didn’t drastically alter his life. However, it did deepen his appreciation for life itself. “Definitely makes you appreciate being alive,” he reflected.

In a testament to his enduring legacy, Dr. Dre is set to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star will be placed alongside his longtime friend and fellow hip-hop legend, Snoop Dogg, on Hollywood Boulevard. This honor not only celebrates his contributions to music but also marks a moment of triumph over a life-threatening health scare.