Elon Musk Doesn’t Answer To People Who ‘Look Different’

Elon Musk Faces Criticism for Ignoring Voices from Diverse Backgrounds

Don Lemon responded to Elon Musk on Sunday, following Musk’s comparison of him to Veruca Salt from the previous day. This was due to Lemon voicing his dissatisfaction over a partnership with X that no longer existed. In a conversation with People magazine, Lemon criticized Musk’s indifferent public persona. He pointed out that the owner of Tesla seemed to struggle with being accountable for his past actions.

Lemon remarked, “For someone who claims not to be bothered by what others say or write about him, he certainly seems to pay a lot of attention to it.” He continued, “He’s not accustomed to being questioned or having to justify his actions, especially not to someone like me, who views the world differently and doesn’t resemble him.”

Lemon had initially joined X as a move to promote a wider range of voices, as he shared on social media. However, his agreement was terminated shortly after his interview with Musk. This decision was reportedly made because Musk was displeased with Lemon’s questions about the potential harm caused by Musk’s controversial statements.

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