The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Trailer

Exciting New Revelations Await in The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Trailer

In the latest sneak peek of “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” episode 5, Rick and Michonne find themselves in a tight spot.

Warning: This piece reveals details from episode 4 of “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.” With just two episodes remaining, the drama intensifies. The recent “What We” episode concludes with Rick, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, and Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, making their way back to Alexandria. This decision comes after Michonne persuades Rick, her soldier spouse, to flee from the Civic Republic Military. They believed the army would assume they perished in a helicopter crash, which was subsequently obliterated by another CRM helicopter to erase any trace of their existence. The couple then escapes in a hybrid electric car, fueled by ethanol, ready for their journey home.

However, their escape isn’t as smooth as anticipated. The initial glimpse of episode 5 reveals a mysterious figure lurking outside the cabin where Rick and Michonne are staying during their trip back. The trailer also shows the duo battling both human and undead threats… and partaking in a thrilling car chase, pursued by an unknown adversary.

The identity of the pursuer is revealed in the series trailer as Jadis, played by Pollyanna McIntosh, a CRM Warrant Officer. Jadis is charged with rooting out “corruption, ineptitude, and betrayal” within the military’s ranks. She has previously warned that the CRM cannot allow Rick and Michonne to flee with knowledge of the Civic Republic and its military operations. And she is determined to stop them.

“At the conclusion of episode 4, Rick and Michonne are in a harmonious place. They’ve reconnected, confronted some challenges, and have been truthful with each other. It’s as if their dream has been realized,” shares showrunner and series co-creator Scott M. Gimple on AMC+’s “TWD: The Ones Who Live Episode Insider.” “They’re ready to return to their lives, leaving behind fear, trauma, and anger. Ideally, that’s where the story should have ended, and everything would have been fine… but this is ‘The Walking Dead.'”

Prepare for a foreboding turn of events. Episode 5 of “The Ones Who Live,” titled “Become,” is set to premiere on Sunday, March 24, on AMC and AMC+. For more updates and coverage on “The Walking Dead” universe, keep an eye on ComicBook/TWD and follow their Facebook page.