FDNY fire commissioner booed during St. Patrick Day's parade in NYC

FDNY Commissioner Faces Boos at NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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During a vibrant St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City, the Fire Department’s Commissioner, Laura Kavanaugh, faced boos and jeers from the crowd. A protester shouted, “You suck,” as Kavanaugh passed by Trump Tower, labeling firefighters as “the hunters.” This reaction followed Kavanaugh’s vow to track down protesters who had previously booed Attorney General Letitia James at a ceremony. One protester displayed a poster mocking Kavanaugh with a donkey’s image.

The FDNY has since reevaluated its stance on pursuing firefighters who expressed disapproval of Letitia James and showed support for Donald Trump. At a promotion ceremony attended by James, 65 uniformed members and 34 civilian employees were sworn into their new roles, marking a significant moment for the department.

A humorous poster at the event read, “Pin the tail on the jackass,” capturing the mood of some attendees. In a show of defiance, FDNY members paused to greet and interact with protesters, echoing chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The controversy ignited when booing greeted James as she approached the podium to honor the first Black female chaplain of the FDNY, Rev. Pamela Holmes, and other first responders. James appealed for calm, reminding the audience they were in a sacred place and thanking them for venting their frustrations.

The FDNY is investigating the incident, urging those involved to come forward to avoid being pursued. This move aims to maintain professionalism and respect during official events, especially those held in places of worship.

Despite initial reports, the FDNY clarified that it is not actively hunting down anyone. The focus is on addressing breaches of department regulations, emphasizing the importance of professionalism. The department is engaging in discussions about maintaining decorum at events to reflect the FDNY’s esteemed values.

Being part of the FDNY is a prestigious honor, and the leadership is committed to reminding its members of the impact of their actions. The goal is to uphold the integrity and values that distinguish the FDNY as a leading fire department globally.

Fox News has reached out to the FDNY for further comments on the matter. This report includes contributions from Fox News’ Stephen Sorace and Michael Ruiz.