Jason calls Diane for Help GH

Jason Seeks Diane’s Assistance in Time of Need

This week on “General Hospital,” the search for Jason intensifies. Dive into the details and catch a glimpse of the teaser video.

John makes a visit to Liz’s home, seeking information about Jason Morgan. Liz hasn’t seen him, but their son Danny has! Danny stumbled upon his father at the Quartermaine boathouse. He enlisted Michael’s help, who then brought Willow on board to tend to Jason’s gunshot injury.

Interestingly, John, who is actively searching for Jason, is also the person blackmailing him! This raises the question: Is John’s desperation to find Jason a way to silence him? And is Jason’s involvement a means to protect himself from legal troubles, or is there more at stake?

Willow is becoming increasingly worried that John might start asking them questions. Jason expresses his concern to Michael about the growing number of people getting involved. Michael queries, “What are you going to do?”

In a crucial move, Jason reaches out to the one person who has always managed to bail him out of trouble. Diane, with a smirk, responds, “What took you so long?” If anyone can clear Jason’s name, it’s Killer Miller, whose track record speaks for itself.

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Video courtesy of “General Hospital”/Facebook.