Josh Lucas’ Girlfriend is ‘Team Patrick Dempsey’ in ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Josh Lucas Reveals His Girlfriend Roots for Patrick Dempsey in ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Showdown

Josh Lucas certainly captured his real-life girlfriend’s affection, yet his role in “Sweet Home Alabama” didn’t achieve the same feat.

In the 2002 romantic comedy, Lucas shone alongside Reese Witherspoon, playing Melanie’s estranged husband Jake. Patrick Dempsey filled the shoes of her fiancé Andrew.

At a glamorous red carpet event, Lucas’ partner, Brianna Ruffalo, shared with E! News her unexpected preference in the film’s love triangle, confessing, “I’m Team Patrick Dempsey.”

The plot thickens as Melanie, engaged to Andrew, realizes she’s still married to Jake. Her journey back to Alabama to finalize their divorce rekindles old flames, complicating her feelings.

A snapshot from “Sweet Home Alabama” in 2002 showcases Dempsey, Witherspoon, and Lucas against the NYC skyline, capturing a moment from their tangled love story.

Despite making it to the altar with Andrew, Melanie’s heart leads her back to Jake, revealing her true feelings.

Lucas humorously recounted his girlfriend’s initial reaction to his character, saying, “From day one, she was like, ‘Oh yeah, you were the other guy.'”

Ruffalo even joked about her preference being a “continuing issue” in their relationship.

Despite her stance, Lucas and Ruffalo once attempted to watch “Sweet Home Alabama” together, only for her to fall asleep shortly after it began, still declaring, “I’m still Team Patrick.”

Josh Lucas and Brianna Ruffalo were spotted at the premiere of “Palm Royale” by Apple TV+ in Beverly Hills, California, on March 14, 2024.

While Lucas’ girlfriend may not side with his character, his love for the film endures, alongside his hope for a sequel.

Lucas expressed his willingness to return as Jake in a sequel, contingent on Witherspoon’s involvement, during an appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna in April 2023.

He reflected on the enduring impact of the film and the characters’ relationship, suggesting a sequel could explore their future.

Witherspoon, speaking on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna in October 2022, entertained the idea of a sequel, hinting at the possibility of reuniting the cast.

Prompted by Jenna Bush Hager’s inquiry about her participation, Witherspoon responded playfully, considering the idea and promising to “make some calls” after receiving enthusiastic support from the TODAY team.