Kent State Kid Forgets The Score While They Are Up 1, Commits Dumbest Foul Ever And Costs His Team The NCAA Tournament

Kent State Player Loses Track of Score, Commits Costly Foul in Final Moments, Jeopardizing Team’s NCAA Tournament Hopes

“They’re just young college students.”

“It transcends sports.”

Enough of the excuses. It’s hard to believe someone could make such a mistake. Here they were, on the brink of winning the MAC and securing a spot in the NCAA Tournament, and then, a blunder costs the team dearly. There’s no sugarcoating it. This wasn’t a close call or a split-second decision gone wrong. This was about a Kent State player who completely lost track of the score, a mistake that seems unthinkable beyond a very young age. How this even happened is baffling, especially considering the stakes of #MACtion, which I had predicted.

Such errors are inexcusable. Knowing the time and score is fundamental, taught early on, right after learning to dribble and execute a pick and roll. Some may sympathize with the player, and while it’s true that no one wants to see a young athlete criticized harshly, we must remember this is Division I basketball, not a junior varsity game. With 69 clocks around the arena, keeping track of the score should not have been an issue.

The rivalry between these teams adds another layer to the incident.

Kent State’s coach’s reaction said it all. He was visibly upset, a mix of frustration and disbelief at what had just transpired.

That’s #MACtion for you. Unpredictable and always entertaining.