Man proposes to longtime girlfriend after winning $1 million on Mega Millions

Man Wins $1 Million in Mega Millions and Proposes to Longtime Girlfriend

A man from Pennsylvania is over the moon after winning the Mega Millions lottery, and he’s planning to celebrate in a big way by getting engaged.

Choosing to keep his identity a secret, this lucky individual struck gold by winning a whopping $1 million in the Mega Millions lottery in New Jersey. He purchased his golden ticket through the Jackpocket app, a move that would soon change his life.

The team behind the lottery app revealed that the winner bought his ticket during a work break, a decision that led him to his fortune.

On the memorable day of October 6, 2023, his ticket matched all five white balls, narrowly missing the gold Mega Ball, securing his place as a Mega Millions winner.

Following the draw, an email from Jackpocket landed in his inbox with the headline “You Won Big!” At first, he couldn’t believe his luck and hesitated to accept the truth.

It wasn’t long before he shared the incredible news with his girlfriend, who had been by his side for a decade. The news left them both stunned, so much so that he forgot to get his car’s oil changed as he had planned.

However, he was quick to remember one of the most important purchases he wanted to make – an engagement ring for his beloved partner.

He explained, “I’ve been saving up for a ring for her. This win couldn’t have come at a better time. Over the years, I’ve noted down everything she likes. I think we’ve finally found the perfect ring.”

The couple, who are parents to an 8-month-old baby, are also considering buying a new home as part of their future plans together.