Google has ‘interfered’ with elections 41 times over the last 16 years, Media Research Center says

Media Research Center Accuses Google of Influencing Elections 41 Times in 16 Years

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A recent study by the Media Research Center has revealed that Google has influenced major U.S. elections 41 times in the past 16 years. The research indicates a significant increase in Google’s impact on democracy, negatively affecting candidates who oppose its preferred left-wing choices. Dan Schneider and Gabriela Pariseau of MRC Free Speech America shared these findings, highlighting Google’s use of its vast resources to promote leftist values. Since 2008, Google’s influence on information, politics, and elections has been undeniable. After the 2016 election, Google’s intentions to interfere in American elections have become more apparent.

Google, however, disputes these claims, emphasizing its commitment to unbiased and accurate search results. The company insists on having a balanced approach to satisfy all users, backed by safeguards against bias.

MRC Free Speech America points to instances where Google’s artificial intelligence, Gemini, avoided questions that could harm President Biden. The research covers actions from 2008 to February 2024, showing Google’s consistent support for liberal candidates while censoring their opponents. This includes favoring Barack Obama in two elections, manipulating search results against Rick Santorum, and helping Hillary Clinton in 2016. The report also mentions Google’s efforts to suppress information critical of Biden and hide Republican campaign websites during competitive Senate races.

The study provides numerous examples of Google’s interference in elections. It also mentions research by AllSides and Dr. Robert Epstein, suggesting Google’s algorithm shifted millions of votes in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and favored Democrats in the 2020 elections.

Google strongly denies these allegations, arguing that the complaints are baseless and have been debunked. The company asserts its platforms have been successfully used by conservatives to reach a broad audience.

MRC Free Speech America recommends that Speaker Mike Johnson investigate Google for violating constitutional rights, interfering in elections, and defrauding users. The group also suggests that state legislatures consider whether Google acts as a common carrier and encourages Americans to explore alternative search engines for less biased results.

Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, calls for congressional action against Google’s manipulation of information, emphasizing the need to end this interference in elections.