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New Kensington’s Downtown Partnership Enhances Food Shuttle Service with Upgrades and Extended Hours

In New Kensington, Pennsylvania, the local New Ken Downtown Partnership is taking significant steps to enhance its food shuttle service. This initiative is a beacon of support for the community, providing essential food and grocery delivery to its residents. The service is a lifeline for those living in New Kensington, Arnold, and Parnassus, offering rides to key shopping destinations like Golden Dawn, Aldi’s, Walmart, Giant Eagle, and the Animal Protectors Food Bank.

Recently, Wesley Family Services announced an expansion in the shuttle service’s operating hours. Now, the shuttle will be available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This extension is a testament to the program’s commitment to meeting the community’s needs, including the recent inclusion of residents from the Lower Burrell high-rise.

The shuttle service was launched in April of the previous year, following the closure of the last grocery store in New Kensington in 2020. This closure turned New Kensington into what is known as a “food desert,” highlighting the critical need for such a service.

Angela Gula, the supervisor for the Fresh Food Shuttle Service, emphasized the program’s ongoing efforts to adapt and grow according to the community’s needs. “Everyone deserves access to fresh food and groceries,” she stated, expressing hope that the increased availability would enable the service to assist more people.

In addition to expanding its service, the shuttle has also received a fresh coat of paint, signaling a new chapter in its journey to serve the community. The shuttle can accommodate seven to eight passengers at a time, with a requirement that riders be 18 years or older.

For those interested in utilizing this valuable service, a phone call to 724-895-8270 is all it takes to get started.

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This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for food access but also fosters a sense of community and support in New Kensington and its surrounding areas.