Ohio breaks its record for most tornadoes by March 14

Ohio Sets New Record for Earliest Tornado Activity, Surpassing Previous March 14 Milestone

Ohio has witnessed a record-breaking number of tornadoes this year, reaching 18 so far. This is the highest count the state has seen from January 1 through March 14 in its history.

Back in 1986, the record was set with 12 tornadoes during the same period. Comparatively, last year saw nine tornadoes, and in 2017, seven tornadoes were reported by this time.

The increase in tornado activity has sparked discussions among experts. Doppler 10 Meteorologist Michael Behrens suggests that climate change could be a factor. As winters warm up, the conditions for severe weather can form earlier in the year due to the clash of air masses.

However, luck might also play a role. The same weather conditions that produced tornadoes recently could have resulted in mere cloud rotation on another day.

Behrens also points out the influence of technology and population growth on tornado reporting. With more people around to witness or be affected by tornadoes, and better tracking technology, it’s likely that more tornadoes are being reported now than in the past.

The question remains: Will Ohio see more tornadoes as the year progresses? It’s uncertain. While it’s possible that the state could experience more tornado activity, there’s also a chance that the weather could settle into a quieter pattern.

Behrens notes the ranking of record years for tornadoes in Ohio. By March 14, 2023 ranks as the third highest for tornadoes, and it’s the second highest in terms of the total number of tornadoes in a year. In comparison, 2017 and 1986 also saw significant tornado activity by this date, with 2012 matching 2023’s count by March 14.

The year with the most tornadoes recorded in Ohio was 1992, with a total of 63 tornadoes. Interestingly, only three tornadoes had been reported by March 14 of that year, highlighting the unpredictability of tornado occurrences.