Pittsburgh Steelers fans exchange Kenny Pickett merchandise for $25 at Primanti Bros – WPXI

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Swap Kenny Pickett Gear for $25 Gift Cards at Primanti Bros

In Pittsburgh, the news of Kenny Pickett moving to Philadelphia stirred quite a reaction among Steelers fans. To address this, Primanti Bros. organized a special event on Sunday, offering fans a chance to exchange their Pickett jerseys for something valuable.

At this event, the restaurant and bar offered $25 in exchange for any Pickett jersey. This exchange was exclusively available at their location in the Strip District.

The move of Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles was significant news that prompted this unique offer.

Not limited to jerseys, fans also brought in hats and t-shirts to exchange. This initiative by Primanti Bros. was aimed at supporting the Pittsburgh Steelers fan community during this transition.

Ryan Wilkinson, the vice president of marketing at Primanti Bros., shared the thought behind this event. He mentioned that many fans had invested a significant amount in their jerseys, and the restaurant wanted to offer a little something in return to those who felt let down by the trade.

For some, visiting Primanti Bros. and engaging in this exchange was a way to process their feelings about the Pickett trade. One fan, James, expressed his disappointment but also noted that a visit to Primanti’s is always worthwhile.

After trading in their jerseys, fans were encouraged to explore the Strip District for new Steelers merchandise, turning a moment of disappointment into an opportunity for renewal.

For those interested in staying updated with breaking news, Primanti Bros. recommended downloading the free WPXI News app and following Channel 11 News on Facebook and Twitter.

This event not only helped fans move on from the Kenny Pickett trade but also reinforced the bond within the Steelers community, proving that support and solidarity can turn a negative situation into a positive experience.