Search continues for missing Osgood teen

Search Efforts Intensify for Missing Teenager in Osgood

In Versailles, Indiana, the search for a missing teenager at a state park has paused for the evening. The search team plans to continue their efforts Sunday morning.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is leading the search for Carson Hughes. Hughes was reported missing around 1:30 p.m. on Friday at Versailles State Park.

Upon investigation, authorities found Hughes’ vehicle unlocked with the keys inside near the boat ramp. Additionally, his kayak was discovered on the water close by.

Family and friends shared their concerns and hopes for Hughes’ safe return with FOX19 on Saturday. “He’s a wonderful young man from a great family, always full of life,” shared Ron Messer, a volunteer in the search effort.

Messer, who has known Hughes for several years through their church’s youth group, expressed his determination to find Hughes. The community from their church has rallied together in the search.

Messer emphasized the strong turnout of support, stating, “We’ve got a lot of people out here searching, and we won’t stop until we find him.”

The search effort at Versailles State Park saw over 150 volunteers on Saturday, according to Ripley County Indiana EMA. “Right now, volunteers are combing the trails and walking along the creek,” said Indiana Conservation Officer Josh Thomas.

Hughes’ family mentioned his frequent visits to the park for wildlife photography. “Items were found that suggest he was engaging in his favorite activity—photographing wildlife and enjoying the outdoors,” Officer Thomas noted.

Steven John, who collaborates with Hughes on photography projects for Indiana Thermal Recovery, praised Hughes’ talent. “He’s one of the most gifted young photographers I’ve known. His work is truly inspiring,” said John.

John recalled their plans to meet on the day Hughes went missing, which were canceled due to a work conflict. “I knew he would be at the park, making the most of his spring break to focus on his photography,” John explained.

John shared the last conversation he had with Hughes, expressing regret over their missed meeting. “I called him to say I was tied up and suggested we meet another time. That was the last time we spoke,” he said.

Reflecting on the timing of their planned meeting and Hughes’ disappearance, John expressed his haunting thoughts. “I can’t help but wonder if things would have been different if we had met as planned,” he said.

Officer Thomas assured that the search for Hughes will continue until he is found. The IDNR is urging anyone with information about Hughes’ whereabouts to get in touch at 812-837-9536.