Sharpe AI Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub | by Sharpe Labs | Mar, 2024

Sharpe AI Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Innovation through Startups Founders Hub | Sharpe Labs | March 2024

We’re excited to share that Sharpe AI has joined forces with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. This partnership marks a significant step forward for startups focused on AI, as it provides essential tools and guidance to fuel innovation and shape what’s next.

Sharpe AI is on a mission to push the boundaries of generative AI technology in the cryptocurrency markets. Our goal is to create and distribute AI applications that are not only high-performing but also more cost-effective than the general LLMs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Anthropic’s Claude, and others.

By partnering with Microsoft, we gain access to the latest AI models, including the advanced OpenAI GPT-4. This opportunity allows us to enhance our flagship product, SharpeGPT, offering top-notch solutions for generative AI and language processing tasks within the crypto space.

One of the major advantages of being part of the Founders Hub is the chance to receive personalized technical advice from expert engineers. Their insights help us refine our infrastructure, cut down on expenses, and improve overall performance.

Joining the Founders Hub also opens doors to a worldwide network of experts and mentors. This network fosters collaborations, knowledge exchange, and growth by connecting us with other startups and thought leaders in the industry.

Furthermore, the integration with Microsoft Azure and popular development tools simplifies our workflows and accelerates our product development. Azure’s compatibility with open-source technologies ensures we can select the best tools for our needs.

Becoming a member of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a significant achievement for Sharpe AI. With access to Microsoft’s top-tier AI infrastructure, including extensive models and APIs, we’re well-equipped to lead in the fields of generative AI and crypto-specific language processing. Microsoft’s unparalleled AI expertise empowers us to fast-track technological advancements and establish new industry benchmarks.

About Sharpe AI:

Sharpe AI is an AI-driven crypto super-app tailored for professional traders. It offers a comprehensive platform for intelligence, investment, and automation of digital assets. Achieving over 100,000 users within just two months of its launch, Sharpe AI has quickly become the fastest-growing super-app in the cryptocurrency world.