Taiwan Confirms Presence Of US Green Berets On Islands Very Close To China's Coast

Taiwan Acknowledges Deployment of US Special Forces on Islands Near China’s Shoreline

Dave DeCamp, writing for AntiWar.com, shared a significant update on Thursday. Taiwan’s Defense Minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, made a notable announcement. He confirmed that US Army Special Forces soldiers are stationed in Kinmen. This group of islands, under Taiwan’s control, lies very close to mainland China’s coast.

Kinmen’s proximity to China is striking, with some areas just 2.5 miles away from the mainland city of Xiamen. This deployment of US troops came into the public eye last month, thanks to reports by Taiwanese media.

When questioned about a recent US report, Chiu acknowledged the strategic move. The report from SOFREP revealed that US Green Berets have established “permanent positions” on Kinmen as military advisors. These soldiers are also positioned in Penghu, another set of islands governed by Taiwan, located significantly closer to Taiwan itself and farther from mainland China.

An image from ZeroHedge illustrates the geographical context of Kinmen’s location. According to SOFREP, the US Green Berets have been integrated into the Taiwanese Army’s amphibious command centers. This move is part of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which aims to enhance the training of the Taiwanese military.

This partnership has led to the training of Taiwanese forces on advanced equipment like the Black Hornet Nano, a small military drone. Chiu views the presence of US Green Berets as a valuable learning opportunity for Taiwan’s military.

The US has been ramping up its military and diplomatic support for Taiwan, causing tensions with China to escalate. In a significant development last year, the US deployed approximately 200 troops to Taiwan. This marked the most substantial US military presence on the island since diplomatic ties were cut in 1979.

Moreover, the US has started offering unprecedented military aid to Taiwan. Unlike the past, when the US only sold weapons to Taiwan, it has now begun financing these purchases and even providing arms at no cost, a policy shift that began last year.