3 men shot after fight outside Los Arcos restaurant in East Los Angeles; 3 deputies hurt in crash

Three Men Wounded in Shooting Outside Los Arcos Restaurant in East Los Angeles; Collision Injures Three Deputies

In East Los Angeles, a distressing event unfolded overnight as three men were victims of a shooting. The incident led to injuries not only for those directly involved but also for several deputies during their response.

The shooting occurred after a dispute outside the Los Arcos Restaurant, located at the intersection of Whittier and Gerhart boulevards. This incident took place around 1 a.m. on Monday.

Following the shooting, the injured individuals sought refuge inside the restaurant. Among the victims, two were urgently taken to the hospital, their injuries deemed non-life-threatening. A third individual, found in a truck at a Shell gas station on Atlantic Boulevard, was also hospitalized. The circumstances of how the victim arrived at the gas station remain unclear.

In a twist of fate, while deputies rushed to the scene, two patrol vehicles collided approximately a mile from the shooting location. The crash resulted in moderate injuries to three deputies, necessitating hospital treatment.

Despite the chaos, there is a silver lining as all shooting victims are expected to recover fully.

The search continues for two suspects linked to the shooting, with their connection to gang activities still under investigation.

As this story develops, more information will be provided to keep the community informed.