UGA students jump into water to save 3 people after car crash

UGA Students Heroically Dive into Water to Rescue Three Individuals Following Car Accident

“The Burke County Sheriff’s Office expressed their gratitude for being at the right place at the right time,” they said.

In Burke County, Georgia, five University of Georgia students are being celebrated as heroes. They sprang into action to rescue three individuals from a single-vehicle accident in eastern Georgia.

The heroic efforts of these students were highlighted in a social media post by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

According to the post, these five women, all students at UGA, saw a car leave the road and roll into a pond on Ellison Bridge Road in Burke County.

Upon witnessing the accident, the sheriff’s office noted, the students quickly turned their car around and headed straight for the crash site.

Without any hesitation, the students—Jane McArdle, Mary McCollum, Eleanor Cart, Clarke Jones, and Kaitlyn Iannace—dove into the water. The white SUV was partially underwater when they pulled the driver and two children to safety, as mentioned in the post.

A photo shared by the sheriff’s office showed both the five women and the aftermath of the car’s plunge into the water.

“The Burke County Sheriff’s Office praised the women’s quick thinking and courage. “We are grateful you were in the right place at the right time,” they remarked.

Burke County, located less than 30 miles from Augusta with Waynesboro as its county seat, did not have a specific date mentioned for the accident and rescue, only that it occurred “recently.”

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