Cairo Jordan, Atlanta boy found dead in suitcase | Mother arrest

Atlanta Boy Found Dead in Suitcase in Cairo, Jordan; Mother Arrested

On a Friday afternoon, the Indiana State Police made a significant announcement during a press conference. They revealed that Dejaune Anderson, the mother of Cairo Jordan, was apprehended on Thursday.

In Sellersburg, Indiana, a tragic story is moving toward justice. Nearly two years have passed since the discovery of a 5-year-old boy from Atlanta, Cairo Jordan, inside a suitcase in the southern part of Indiana.

Sgt. Carey Huls, speaking to the media, reflected on the gravity of the case. He shared his recent visit to the crime scene area, which evoked strong memories of the incident.

Dejaune Anderson found herself under arrest in Arcadia, California. This development came after a tip from a vigilant citizen led detectives to her location. She faces serious charges, including murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and obstruction of justice.

The story of Cairo’s tragic end has touched many, including his great-grandmother, Mary Jane Jordan. She spoke to 11Alive, remembering Cairo as a joyful child, despite the sorrow surrounding his death.

A mushroom hunter in Indiana stumbled upon a colorful suitcase on April 16, 2022, revealing Cairo’s body. Following this discovery, arrest warrants were issued for both Coleman and Anderson in October 2022. Coleman was promptly arrested, but Anderson eluded capture for over a year until her recent arrest.

In a related development, Dawn Coleman was sentenced to 25 years in prison in November for her involvement in Cairo’s death. She was found guilty of aiding in murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors have accused Coleman of assisting Anderson, aged 37, in disposing of her son Cairo’s body in April 2022. Coleman’s account to investigators revealed a harrowing scene, suggesting the crime had already been committed when she found Anderson with Cairo.

Before the discovery of Cairo’s body, Anderson’s social media posts hinted at her troubled state of mind. She spoke of demons and exorcisms involving her children, indicating a deeply disturbed perspective.

As the investigation continues, authorities are heading to California to further probe into the case against Anderson, with plans to extradite her back to Indiana.

For more insights into this heart-wrenching story, watch 11Alive’s full interview with Cairo’s great-grandmother from 2022, where she shares her grief and memories of Cairo.