Euclid police chase ends in crash in Cleveland

Cleveland Collision: Police Chase Originating from Euclid Ends in Crash

In Cleveland, a tragic event unfolded when a police chase culminated in a devastating crash, resulting in the death of a woman. This incident has shaken the local community to its core.

Cleveland City Councilman Mike Polensek, deeply affected by the loss, shared that the victim was a resident of his ward. He described the event as a heartbreaking tragedy, emphasizing the innocence of the motorist who lost her life. “They ran through a stop sign and collided with an innocent motorist. As a consequence, she lost her life,” Polensek lamented.

In his discussions with the city’s public safety director, Councilman Polensek expressed his profound sorrow and frustration. The chain of events began with an armed carjacking in Cleveland, with the suspects later spotted in a stolen vehicle in Euclid. The pursuit by Euclid Police led to the fatal crash on 156th Street near I-90 in Cleveland, where the victim’s vehicle was struck, causing her to be ejected and subsequently rushed to a hospital.

Councilman Polensek’s outrage was palpable as he demanded a thorough investigation and accountability for the suspects. “This heinous act of violence on St. Patrick’s Day against an innocent person just going about her day is absolutely abhorrent. Now, she is dead because of these criminals,” he stated. He also called for a more critical discussion on car thefts and the dilemmas faced by police during chases, highlighting the difficult decisions officers must make when pursuing violent suspects.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Cleveland police have reported the arrest of two suspects involved in the incident. This development marks a significant step in the ongoing investigation.

Efforts to gather more information have been made, with 3News reaching out to both the Euclid police and the mayor for further details.

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