Man charged with murder for woman's death

Man Arrested and Charged with Murder in Connection to Woman’s Death

On March 13, a tragic incident unfolded in Statesville, North Carolina, resulting in the loss of Tasheka Aleryani, aged 47. She succumbed to injuries from gunshot wounds. The unfortunate event took place in a residence located on Gay Street, close to Salisbury Road, early in the morning.

The Statesville Police Department reported that Aleryani suffered gunshot injuries to her head and chest. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she could not survive. Alongside her, James Griffin, 43, was discovered at the scene with injuries. He received medical treatment at a hospital.

Following his recovery, Griffin faced charges of first-degree murder and illegal firearm possession. He is currently detained at Iredell County jail, awaiting trial without the option of bond.

The incident stemmed from a confrontation between Aleryani and Griffin, though details about the altercation or Griffin’s injuries remain undisclosed. Griffin’s court appearance is scheduled for March 18.

The Statesville Police Department continues to investigate the shooting. This tragic event has prompted discussions and initiatives aimed at remembering victims as more than just numbers, encouraging the sharing of their stories and memories.

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