Man in critical condition after West 7th shooting

Man Critically Injured in West 7th Street Shooting Incident

In Fort Worth, the police are currently dealing with the aftermath of yet another shooting incident in the West 7th area. The incident occurred just after midnight on Bledsoe Street, following a verbal altercation. A man was critically injured and rushed to the hospital, but as of now, no suspects have been apprehended.

This recent event marks the third violent incident in the bustling entertainment district this year alone, raising alarm among residents and visitors. The area’s safety concerns have been escalating, especially after a TCU student was tragically killed nearby last fall.

Residents of West 7th are expressing their growing unease, with many feeling constantly on edge. Zada Trejo, a local resident, shared with CBS News Texas her concerns about the safety of walking around the neighborhood. The frequency of such incidents has even led her to consider moving away from the area.

In response to the rising crime rates, Fort Worth has been taking steps to enhance security within the entertainment district. Measures include the addition of more police patrols, the installation of surveillance cameras, and the prohibition of open containers. Furthermore, a proposal for a safety ambassador patrol program is being considered. However, for this initiative to be implemented, a significant number of West 7th property owners need to agree to participate.