Authorities seize 750-pound alligator named Albert from New York home | Crime

New York Officials Capture 750-Pound Alligator Named Albert in Unprecedented Home Seizure

In a surprising turn of events in upstate New York, a man had to bid farewell to his unique pet alligator after it was found he was keeping it without legal permission. In Hamburg, New York, an 11-foot, 750-pound alligator was taken from a residence by Environmental Conservation police officers. This action was detailed in a post by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on their Facebook page.

The officers discovered that the homeowner had constructed an extension on his house, which included an in-ground pool specifically for the alligator, believed to be around 30 years old. It was also found that the owner allegedly allowed the public to enter the pool and interact with the free-roaming alligator. Named Albert, the giant reptile has become more than just a pet to its owner, Tony Cavallaro, who considers himself “Albert’s dad.” Cavallaro expressed to WKBW how Albert is seen as part of the family by everyone.

Cavallaro revealed to WKBW that his license to keep Albert had expired in 2021, and his attempts to renew it with the Department of Environmental Conservation were unsuccessful. The department highlighted that, even with a valid license, allowing public interaction with the alligator is not permitted and could lead to the license being revoked and the animal being relocated.

The operation to remove the alligator involved Environmental Conservation officers, local police, and the Erie County SPCA. It was reported that Albert is suffering from several health issues, including blindness in both eyes and spinal problems. Currently, Albert is under the care of a licensed professional, awaiting transfer to a permanent facility.

Further actions regarding potential charges will be determined after analyzing additional evidence and consulting with a licensed veterinarian, as stated by the department. In New York, owning animals classified as “dangerous,” such as alligators, is illegal without a Dangerous Animal License from the Department of Environmental Conservation. This license mandates that owners possess the necessary training, experience, and facilities to safely keep each dangerous animal.

Hamburg, where this incident took place, is situated in Erie County, roughly 13 miles south of Buffalo.