A shooting was reported on Saturday evening at Newport on the Levee.

Shooting Incident Reported at Newport on the Levee

On a Saturday evening, the Newport on the Levee area became the center of a tense situation following reports of a shooting. Police quickly responded to the scene, marking off areas for investigation, particularly near the Bistro Italia restaurant. The incident, which began unfolding just before 7:30 p.m., saw officers from various agencies, including Newport, Southgate, Campbell County, and Kentucky State Police, converging on the location. A crime scene unit was also dispatched to assist with the ongoing situation.

Despite the presence of law enforcement, official confirmation regarding the shooting, victims, or suspects had not been immediately forthcoming. Witnesses, however, shared their harrowing experiences. Gavin Vires, who was enjoying a live band performance near the Newport Aquarium with his family, recounted the moment panic ensued. A sudden rush of people, believed to be fleeing gunshots heard near the Cold Stone Creamery, disrupted the evening’s calm. Without hesitation, Vires and his family joined the crowd seeking refuge, eventually finding safety near the Ohio River’s walkway, alongside others who had sought shelter in nearby bars.

The atmosphere inside the bars was one of urgency and fear. Bouncers quickly acted, securing the premises by locking doors and closing off any open spaces to protect the patrons inside. Amidst the chaos, Vires lost sight of his family members but found solace in the company of others who were also seeking safety. The collective anxiety was palpable, with many worried about the potential dangers outside.

Sarah Dickerson’s evening took a similar turn. While dining at Beeline, the sudden sight of people running in panic prompted a swift response from the establishment’s bouncers. They ushered Dickerson and others to safety, confining them in a utility closet. Among those seeking refuge was a young child, separated from his grandparents, his distress evident. The group remained huddled together, relying on text messages to communicate with the outside world until they were assured it was safe to emerge.

The aftermath of the incident left visible marks, with emergency services attending to injured individuals and police securing the scene. Dickerson, after being released from the makeshift safe haven, witnessed the emotional reunion of the young boy with his grandparents, a moment of relief amidst the night’s chaos.

As the evening progressed, the area around Beeline began to return to a semblance of normalcy, with people resuming their activities. However, the impact of the night’s events was evident, with reminders of the incident, like the closed Brothers Bar & Grill, signaling the gravity of what had transpired.

This report will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.