Seth Gott, 19, seriously injured in January machete attack.

Texas Machete Attack Victim Expresses Hope for Suspect’s Mental Health Treatment Following Incompetency Verdict

In Austin, 19-year-old Seth Gott faced a challenging recovery after surviving a machete attack at Auditorium Shores. The most difficult part for him was not being able to engage with his music for a whole month.

Seth Gott, at 19, was gravely wounded in a machete attack that took place in January. The photo accompanying this story shows him recovering from his injuries.

Seth shared, “I was unable to grip a guitar pick or hold a drumstick.”

A shocking incident occurred in January when, according to the Austin Police Department, Seth was randomly assaulted with a machete while on a trail.

Seth recounted the terrifying moments of the attack, saying, “I was rolling on the ground, doing my best to avoid being hit.”

The attacker was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. However, he will not stand trial. A judge found him mentally unfit and ordered his commitment to a mental health facility.

Seth expressed his thoughts on the matter, stating, “I somewhat anticipated this outcome. My hope is that he receives the necessary care, though I’m uncertain about the quality of care he will get.”

Despite the ordeal, the 19-year-old remains optimistic. He doesn’t dwell on the attack, except during his occupational and physical therapy sessions.

Seth has even revisited Auditorium Shores since the incident.

Describing the visit, he said, “It was beautiful. It felt like revisiting a dream, or seeing a place you never thought you’d return to.”

Now, two months post-attack, Seth is focusing on his music and looking to give back.

He believes maintaining a positive outlook is crucial after experiencing such an event, saying, “Staying positive is essential, or else you might lose yourself.”

KXAN has made attempts to contact the defendant’s lawyer for a statement and will provide updates as they become available.