Texas woman who was drugged, kidnapped shot her attacker dead: Police

Texas Woman Escapes Kidnapping by Fatally Shooting Her Captor, Police Say

In a remarkable turn of events, a woman from Texas managed to defend herself against her kidnapper by fatally shooting him, according to her statement to the police.

The incident unfolded at around 12:42 p.m. on March 15, when emergency services received a distress call from a 45-year-old woman. She reported that she had been drugged and kidnapped, but had managed to shoot her captor. The woman hails from Montgomery.

Initially, the deputies were uncertain of the woman’s location. However, they eventually found her near a winery.

The Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office provided details of the encounter. A deputy reached the scene and spotted the vehicle described in the call, parked on the westbound lane. Inside the vehicle, a male, who appeared to be lifeless in the front seat, was confirmed dead by the emergency personnel.

The police met with the woman near the scene of the incident, which is about 70 miles east of Austin, Texas. Although the woman’s identity was not disclosed, she was taken to a local hospital for care.

The deceased attacker was identified as 49-year-old Lance Damon Reid, who resided in the Houston area, as per the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation into this harrowing event is still ongoing, with the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office yet to release further details.