‘Terrible accident:’ Uber driver runs over, kills one-year-old girl, family beats driver up

Tragic Incident: One-Year-Old Girl Fatally Struck by Uber Driver, Family Assaults Driver in Response

In Aldine, Texas, a tragic incident occurred when a one-year-old girl lost her life after being run over by an Uber driver. The driver had just completed dropping off the child and her family members at their destination.

The event unfolded around 12:40 p.m. on a Sunday, in an apartment complex parking lot located on Waverly Drive. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Uber driver had safely dropped off the passengers, which included three adults and the young girl.

As the adults moved towards the apartment complex, stepping out of the vehicle’s path, the little girl found herself in front of the gray Volkswagen SUV. Tragically, as the Uber driver commenced driving forward to turn the vehicle around, he accidentally ran over the child, as explained by Lt. K Benoit from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

A tweet from Gage Goulding – KPRC 2 revealed the heartbreaking moment just before the accident. It was noted that after dropping off his passengers, the driver did not see the girl in front of the car. Following the accident, the family, in a state of panic and anger, assaulted the driver, resulting in his hospitalization.

In a desperate attempt to save the girl, her family rushed her to the hospital. They managed to flag down an emergency vehicle nearby, which transported the girl to the hospital. Unfortunately, she later succumbed to her injuries.

The aftermath of the accident saw the family members opening the SUV’s doors and attacking the driver. Lt. Benoit mentioned that the driver was in serious condition, facing non-life-threatening but severe injuries.

The incident caught the attention of neighbors, drawn out of their homes by the noise. Simya Washington, a neighbor whose security camera captured the entire incident, expressed her shock and trauma upon witnessing the scene. She recounted hearing commotion and stepping outside to find a distressing scene involving blood and the injured child on the ground, which she found incredibly traumatic.

The driver is currently receiving medical treatment for his injuries. As of now, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has not pressed charges against either the driver or the individuals who assaulted him. Lt. Benoit stated that while no charges have been filed yet, the situation is still under investigation, and charges could potentially be brought forward in various forms.

The driver involved in this tragic accident has been identified as Muhammad Khan, while the identity of the young girl has not been disclosed.