Dog who spent 852 days at Ohio animal shelter gets adopted

After 852 Days in Shelter, Ohio Dog Finally Finds a Forever Home

After nearly 900 days of waiting at an animal shelter, a long-standing resident has at last found a place to call home forever. The Marion Area Humane Society shared the heartwarming news on its Facebook page that their most enduring resident has been adopted. “Echo has left the building after 852 days,” announced the shelter. Echo, who was placed in a foster home, has been officially adopted by the family that fostered him. Surrendered back in 2021, he has spent the last few years in hopeful anticipation of finding a permanent home.

“Echo has captured the hearts of everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him! His absence will be profoundly felt here at MAHS,” the shelter expressed in their announcement.

MARION, Ohio — Echo, a long-term inhabitant of the local animal shelter, has finally secured his forever home after an extensive wait of nearly 900 days. The Marion Area Humane Society took to Facebook to share the joyous news that their longest-staying resident had found a family. “Echo has left the building after 852 days,” the shelter joyfully posted. It was revealed that Echo’s foster family decided to make him a permanent member of their household. Having been surrendered in 2021, Echo had been patiently waiting for years to find a loving home. “Echo is dearly loved by all who know him! We at MAHS will greatly miss this wonderful boy,” shared the shelter in their heartfelt post.

This touching story, originally shared on Facebook, highlights the enduring spirit of Echo and the compassionate community at the Marion Area Humane Society.