Andover boy selling art to raise money to get brother therapy dog

Andover Youngster Sells Artwork to Fund Therapy Dog for Brother

In Wichita, Kansas, a young artist named Ben Jobe, who is only 9 years old and hails from Andover, is using his talent to make a difference. He’s selling his artwork to gather funds for a therapy dog for his younger brother, Cooper Jobe, who is 7.

Ben, who has apraxia and autism, found his voice through art at a young age when words were hard to come by. His mother, Lacy, shared that Ben turned to art as his mode of communication when he was younger.

Recently, the Jobe family realized Cooper could greatly benefit from a service dog. This sparked an idea in Ben. He decided to use his art to help his brother. Lacy remarked, “The moment Ben knew his brother needed help, he was ready to sell his art to make it happen.”

Lacy opened up about Cooper’s challenging year. Cooper has faced numerous emotional, mental health, and other health challenges. A therapy dog could offer him support in ways Lacy hadn’t imagined possible.

To support this cause, Chicken N Pickle hosted an event titled “Ben’s Art for Paws” on Sunday. This event provided a platform for Ben to sell his artwork.

The Jobe family’s initiative goes beyond just meeting Cooper’s needs. They aim to raise awareness about mental health, a topic Lacy believes has been overlooked for too long.

The cost of a service dog, including its training, ranges between $40,000 and $60,000. To help cover these expenses, the Jobe family has set up a GoFundMe page, welcoming donations from those who wish to support their cause.