Animal Humane Society seeks volunteers to foster dogs — especially larger ones

Animal Humane Society Urgently Needs Volunteers to Foster Large Dogs

In Golden Valley, Minnesota, the Animal Humane Society is on the lookout for more foster volunteers. They have a particular need for individuals willing to open their homes to large dogs. These dogs often stay longer in the shelter than puppies, which tend to be adopted more quickly.

Nick Nier shared his experience with fostering. He talked about his dog, Alfie, who, despite being small, has overcome big challenges. Alfie was brought to the Animal Humane Society with broken legs after a fall. Nier, who had also recently undergone surgery, fostered Alfie, helping both of them through their recovery period. Nier found joy in the process, eventually adopting Alfie in what is affectionately known as a “foster fail.”

Nier has fostered nine dogs since 2020, all through the Animal Humane Society’s foster program. This effort highlights the growing need for foster homes, especially for dogs that may stay in the shelter for weeks or even months. Joey Babay, the AHS Foster Coordinator, pointed out that the average stay for dogs has increased significantly. One reason might be housing restrictions in the metro area, where some apartments do not allow large dogs or certain breeds.

The Animal Humane Society has also seen an uptick in animals needing rescue from humane investigations. This year, they’ve already rescued nearly 400 animals, a number that typically represents a full year’s worth of rescues. Babay explained that these animals often need medical attention or help with socialization before they can be adopted.

Foster volunteers play a crucial role in preparing these animals for their forever homes. They provide a loving environment where the animals can receive one-on-one attention, something that is harder to achieve in a shelter setting. For Nier, fostering has been a rewarding experience, knowing she’s helping these animals on their journey to finding permanent homes.

Fosters also have the first option to adopt the animals they care for once they return to the shelter. Additionally, the Animal Humane Society is seeking volunteers to help bottle-feed kittens this spring.

To learn more about how you can become a foster volunteer and make a difference in the lives of animals in need, visit the Animal Humane Society’s website.