Aurora man said he was shot while walking his dogs

Aurora Resident Reports Being Shot During Dog Walk

In Aurora, Colorado, a man is currently recovering in a hospital after what was supposed to be a peaceful evening walk with his dogs turned into a frightening ordeal.

The local police department, still piecing together the details, has confirmed the arrest of an individual connected to the incident.

Rueben Campbell, the victim, shared his side of the story. For eight years, he’s enjoyed walking his dogs, Zara, Zeus, and Shorty, on the grass near his condo without issue. However, a confrontation with another man over this routine activity escalated unexpectedly.

Campbell recounted that on March 9, while he and his wife were out walking their dogs, they were approached by the man who had previously expressed displeasure about them walking on the grass. The situation quickly heated up.

The man confronted Campbell, questioning how many times he had to be told not to walk on the grass. A verbal altercation ensued, which became so intense that Campbell’s wife tried to intervene.

In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, Campbell said he moved his wife aside and placed his hand on the man’s chest, asking for space. What happened next was something Campbell never anticipated.

The man, hiding a gun under his hoodie, shot Campbell. The police arrived shortly after and took the shooter into custody. Campbell was hit on his side by the bullet, which caused internal damage and broke his right hip.

The shooter, identified as 35-year-old Jonathan Nelson, faces charges of first-degree assault and violation of a protection order. Nelson was not legally allowed to own or possess any firearms or weapons.

The incident has left Campbell and his wife feeling unsafe in their own home, a place they’ve lived for over ten years. The trauma of the event has been overwhelming for Campbell, who is concerned about his recovery and the impact on his family.

Campbell’s family has launched a Gofundme campaign to help with his medical expenses and loss of income during his recovery.