General Hospital Star's Dog Alfie Has Died

Beloved Dog Alfie, Companion of General Hospital Star, Passes Away

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow for Rena Sofer. On March 17, she shared the heartbreaking news of her dog Alfie’s passing. The loss was so profound that she found it hard to express her feelings. “I have so much to say,” she expressed. “But at this moment, I’m at a loss for words. The pain is just too overwhelming.”

“The day before was both devastating and somehow expected. Yet, it felt too premature,” she continued. “Alfie was with me, my husband Sanford Bookstaver, our daughter Avalon, and his sister Mega for only seven years and eight days. Cancer cruelly took him away from us, from everyone who knew and adored him.”

Rena Sofer, known for her role on General Hospital and her return as Lois in 2023, is a passionate advocate for pet adoption and fostering. “I cherish all my dogs, but Alfie held a special place in my heart,” she confessed. “He was my heart and soul dog. His loss has left me feeling destroyed and numb.”

“The best gift we ever exchanged was the gift of each other,” she added. “I will miss him forever and ever and ever.”

In the wake of this sad news, friends and colleagues, both past and present, quickly offered their condolences to the Emmy-winning actress. Karla Mosley, who played Maya on Bold & Beautiful, sent her love to Rena and her family. “I’m so, so sorry,” expressed Laura Wright, the leading lady of General Hospital (Carly).

It’s challenging to find a silver lining in a story as heart-wrenching as this. However, for those looking to find a bit of solace, perhaps exploring the extensive photo gallery of General Hospital, showcasing the connections between its characters, might offer a gentle distraction.