Residents, pets safe after fire starts in Colorado Springs home

Colorado Springs Residents and Pets Unharmed Following House Fire

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, firefighters managed to bring an early morning house fire under control.

The fire department was alerted to the blaze at a residence on Hayman Terrace at around 4:30 a.m. on Monday, following a 911 call about a fire. The location of the house is close to Circle and Pikes Peak, not far from Will Rogers Elementary School.

Captain JJ Halsey of the Colorado Springs Fire Department shared, “Our teams were dispatched immediately and reached the site within five minutes.”

Upon arrival, they encountered a significant amount of smoke. “Heavy smoke was visible,” Halsey explained. “Our teams entered the building, launched a fire attack, and managed to control the fire within eight minutes of their arrival.”

Fortunately, the smoke alarms in the house were functioning, allowing all occupants, including pets, to evacuate safely. There were no injuries reported, and the firefighters succeeded in limiting the fire damage to the house itself.

“The fire damage was confined to just this single house. It didn’t spread to any of the neighboring properties,” Halsey stated.

The fire inflicted considerable damage on at least two rooms and caused smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

“The house isn’t a total loss, but it’s unlikely to be habitable for some time until cleanup efforts are completed,” Halsey informed 11 News.

The investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing.